Looking after your property whilst unlocking its full potential

High occupancy

Our website is promoted through social media, email marketing and SEO. 

We also list on Airbnb,, Google, and VRBO. 

The listings are optimised to ensure high visibility from their algorithms. 

We market to both holiday and business travel occupiers.

Hassle free

We take care of the whole process for you, including photography, 24/7 guest communication, professional housekeeping and regular maintenance.

Your property will be looked after. 

You will receive a monthly statement and net income paid to your bank account.

Revenue optimisation

We use dynamic pricing software to set nightly prices in order maximise your income. 

We continually monitor market trends and adjust pricing strategies accordingly.


Locally based

We are based in Falmouth and focus only on a specific area in the town. This enables closer monitoring of your asset, the market and better service for guests.

We have links with local employers securing business travel occupiers, critical to maintaining occupancy in the off-peak season. 


Direct bookings

40% of our bookings are via our own website. 

This saves platform fees (averaging 19%), resulting in both lower prices for guests, and higher income for owners.

Direct bookers are more likely to re-book.

Small scale

We will never have more than 8 listings. 

This ensures the highest standards of service are maintained for guests and our owners.  

By staying small our fees are not subject to an additional 20% VAT

Our marketing channels 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We focus on attractive, well maintained properties located in the southern half of Falmouth, ideally with designated parking.

Falmouth Stays Management

  • £300 set up (organisation of photography, creation of Welcome Book, onboarding to our platform and listing on the various booking sites). 
  • 18% income from bookings (ie 18% of income from direct bookings or net payouts from the online booking sites). 
  • Given our relatively small operation, fees are not subject to 20% VAT 
  • We pay housekeeping and maintenance costs on your behalf and transfer the net amount to you at the end of every month.
  • Payment of utilities, Council Tax or Business Rates, insurance. 
  • Major maintenance items.


  • Whilst housekeeping and general maintenance costs are ultimately paid for by owners, Falmouth Stays will co-ordinate payment on your behalf from rental income and transfer the net amount to your bank account at the end of every month. 
  • We use Superhog, a 3rd party screening service to undertake identity verification checks on the guest prior to check in. This helps prevent problem guests booking the property, fraudulent bookings and credit card fraud. For peace of mind we undertake this process even if the guest has booked via Airbnb or Further info at:
  • We do not permit one night stays. Two night stays are charged a premium rate. This is not only more economically viable, but deters short-term “party” groups. 
  • By maintaining high standards and associated prices we attract higher calibre guests, who are less likely to behave disrespectfully. 
  • For direct bookings we secure a £300 damage deposit.  
  • We take on the property in a ready-to-go condition. However, we can advise you on any appropriate refurbishment works, required inventory, compliance matters and guidance on appropriate insurance. 
  • Once ready, we manage photography, listing across the various platforms, optimising of those listings, pricing, creation of house manual and on boarding of the housekeeping team ready for launch. 
  • From there we will manage the whole process, including maintenance of your property.

Get in contact! We are happy to answer any questions and show you our systems. 


“When I purchased the property I was concerned that the incumbent agency only received bookings via its own website, and was restricted to weekly bookings. An alternative was one of the various Airbnb managers, who offered more flexibility in bookings, but I did not want to be purely reliant on Airbnb as a source of revenue, and I also preferred to have someone local keeping an eye on things. 

Falmouth Stays offered the best of both options by listing on its own website and on Airbnb. Plus the property would also be listed on, Google rentals and VRBO to give even wider exposure. I was also impressed by the live pricing software, which seemed superior to the existing peak/off-peak weekly rates. 

The outcome has been impressive. Better than expected monthly income and minimal bother for me. The property has been kept in good order, the Welcome Book is fantastic and guest reviews so far have been very positive too. Thanks FS!”


Owner, Hideaway